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About us

CON: That it has or contains something else.

SEPT: Part of the limibic system of the brain, where the feeling of pleasure is located, resulting from the torrent of neuro-transmitters, such as serotonin. The septum is very close to the hippocampus, so we memorize more quickly what gives us the most satisfaction. The hippocampus is connected to the cerebral cortex, seat of reason and all cognitive abilities.

We use this homophony, since more than 14 years ago we developed creative ideas for our clients, communicating their Concept in a clear and forceful way. We investigate, analyze and create strategies that activate the  Septo  in your target audience and achieve the goals of your company.

The isotype separates these words by using an incomplete "S", or an inverted "C" and turning it into an "On" or "Power" sign.

We are the source of power that will ignite your ideas, and execute in a responsible and original way, actions that achieve your marketing and communication objectives.




Being in the collective imagination, a company synonymous with quality in customer service, creativity and research.

By 2025, to be recognized as one of the most emblematic companies in the region.

Provide complete and comprehensive solutions in marketing and advertising that achieve the appropriate communication of ideas and position our clients in the first places in the market.



I respect



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