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New township:


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Law 42 of May 31, 2017, was the one that determined the creation of the new Corregimiento de Don Bosco, made up of 24 communities, among which are Costa Sur, Versalles, Las Acacias, Don Bosco and La Riviera.

With this separation from the Corregimiento de Juan Díaz, we hope to obtain more attention and diligent direction that benefits the community through commercial programs, sports, medical and transportation solutions that improve the quality of life of all residents.

See here, the law by which our township is created:  

Law No. 42 (From Wednesday, May 31, 2017)

Representative for Don Bosco

Presión del aire

We will wait to know who will be the ones who aspire to be the new representatives of Don Bosco. In light of a new vacancy, we hope that those who aspire not only belong to the district, but also know and be empathetic with the needs of the community.

We will no longer be part of the Juan Díaz district, so it is imperative to have excellent options.

COME, the new shopping plaza.

Captura de pantalla 2018-07-30 a la(s) 1

Come, it is the new shopping plaza that will be available from the end of August 2018.


This new square promises not only to give a new vision to the area, but also to commercially promote many establishments that will surely supply enormous demands, not only in Versailles and the South Coast, but also in neighboring neighborhoods, such as Don Bosco and Las Acacias, among others.

The new Ven square will open at the end of August 2018.




Right next to Plaza Versalles, on Avenida Costanera, with the main street of Las Acacias, Don Bosco.


Let's hope for the grand opening of this beautiful shopping center soon.


We'll be alert.


Why live here?

El arrendamiento de un hogar

There are excellent housing options, from apartments to luxury residences. The most important thing is security, accessibility and the facilities that are around.

There are currently 3 shopping malls: Plaza Versalles in its two stages, Plaza Costa Sur  and finally, the fourth: Plaza Ven.

All have supermarkets, pharmacies, furniture stores, boutiques and restaurants of important franchises.

The closest police station is 3 minutes from Plaza Versalles, which also has a constant police checkpoint, which provides greater security to the town. The periodic rounds of police in the area make this a safe area with a high commercial projection.

The houses and apartments of both projects have the highest safety standards in construction and provision of potable water in reserve. In addition, luxury finishes and access roads in optimal condition. All of them have security checkpoints and in some cases, with a direct entry phone to each residence.

Without a doubt, the construction of these projects has not been decided at random, since from every point of view, they aim to be one of the greatest points of convergence in the city.

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