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  • Manage the  Adobe Premier and Adobe After effects tools for creating motion graphics and special effects for film and video.

The course is structured by chapters of short duration and easy understanding, which will deepen their handling  powerful software.




A course designed both for people who want to enter the audiovisual world, and for those who already are and want to expand their knowledge.


- What is animation?

- What tools and programs can I use?

- Introduction to After Effect

- Create project and its configurations

- Basic tools 1

- Basic tools 2

- Windows and navigation within the platform

- Layers and Solids

- Texts and Forms

- Timeline

- Frames or Frames

- position

- Rotation

- Opacity

- Speed

- Anchor point

- Scale

- Advanced Timeline knowledge

- Preview and Render

- Our first project

- How to export and save in commercial formats

- Posición

- Rotación

- Opacidad

- Velocidad

- Punto de anclaje

- Escala

- Previsualización

- Exportar y guardar

- Introducción a After Effects

- Animación de gráficos

- Cámara 3D

- Planos

- Movimiento de fotografía

- Efectos especiales

- Animación de texto

- Transiciones

Para detalles sobre el próximo curso de Edición Audiovisual, por favor contáctanos. 
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